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 General Newbie Guide

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PostSubject: General Newbie Guide   Sat May 22, 2010 5:59 am

Quests and Leveling
*Do ALL the quests. This is the fastest way to level.

*Try and do quests in squads. That way you can finish them faster.

*Do not sell essences for the first few levels - You will need essences for Pran Quest (lvl 7) and Nation Quest (lvl 10).

*Make sure you get your pran as soon as you get to level 7. Some quests are unlocked only when you have the Pran.

*When asked to choose between killing Mini-Boss or X number of mobs, always choose the min-boss for better rewards.

*Info on all quest mobs/bosses/drops you need can be found in Try that before using Shout.

*From time to time you will get quests with the following tags - [Normal], [Hard], [Party] and so on.

*[Normal],[Hard],[Elite] are basically modes of dungeons. You will need to run the specified dungeon in that mode to complete that quest.

*[Party] quests are usually quests to kill mini-bosses. Note that you dont essentially need to do it in a party. Soloing the mini-boss will still complete the quest.

*At lvl 14~16 (not sure exactly when) you get a quest called Boring Errand. It's a quest chain consisting of 7 parts (Boring Errand 1-7). Completing this quest gives you the Third Bag.
Note : At one of the steps in the quest the NPC gives you two options 1 - Go to Sister Leah or 2- Go back to Kiki. If you select "Go back to Kik <quest giver>" then you will miss the 3rd bag and cannot get it until Lvl 20.

*If you miss the third bag at lvl 15~16 <because you chose "Go Back to Kiki" by mistake, then you get a quest at lvl 20 named : Finding the Aitan Bag.

*You can have a maximum of 2 Prans per account.

*Once you choose a Pran you cannot delete her. In order to delete the Pran, you need to
delete the character that has the Pran. Character deletion takes 3 days.

*You can transfer the Pran to a different character in the same account using the Pran Station.

*Pran's get hungry. Pran food can be pruchased from NPCs that sell potions, ammo, etc.

*Right click on Pran food to feed the Pran. Alternatively, you can also drag the food into a hotkey bar. Note: Pran food must be in the players inventory and NOT Pran's inventory.

*You get a free Pran costume from a quest.

*Until lvl 5, Prans will be in the fairy form. At lvl 5, after you complete the quest they change to Child form.

*When the Pran hits lvl 5, she will not gain anymore exp until you finish the Child form quest.

*Prans have skills which they learn automatically as they level.

*The success chance of a Pran casting a skill when you ask her to, depends on the Devotion.

*Pran will want to talk to you from time to time. Talking to her and answering her questions appropriately will increase devotion.

*Dungeon runs are a very good way to level your Prans.

*Prans get exp only from monster kills and not quest exp.

*Pran skill upgrades each 5 levels.

*Pran personality depends on your talkings with them.

*Pran gets new personality at level 20.

*Pran changes to teenage at level 20.

*It is suggested that you do not invest in upgrading weapons/armor until you hit 30s.

*You can use the anvil <next to blacksmith in Regenshien> to make items and also to disassemble items.

*Caelium can be made by combining Caelium Pieces together at the Anvil.

*Smaller potions can be bought from NPCs. Better potions can be made at the anvil using Smaller potions and Caelium pieces.

*You can get Caelium Pieces from mob drops and also by disassembling weapons/armor.

*Monsters do not drop gold. Gold is obtained as quest reward and by selling items.

*Auction House can be used to buy/sell items.

*Move your pointer over an item to see it's details.

*You will find 4 little icons in the Item Details of Armors and Weapons. These icons are sometimes white in color and sometimes orange/yellow/red.

*White colored icon means that gear modification is available for the item where as red/yellow means it cannot be upgraded or modified.

*1st icon: Reinforcing, 2nd icon: Enchanting, 3rd icon: Level down , 4th icon: Transfer

*There are 5 nations within Aika - Alethius, Feonir, Lenaria, Ostyrion and Vanov.

*All 5 nations are identical in their maps and terrains.

*A player can choose a nation when he reaches Level 10.

*In order to choose a nation, a player has to log into that nation and take and complete the quest from the NPC from that nation.

*Once a player picks a Nation, he cannot change it <unless he uses a Cash Shop item>

*Once a character picks a nation, all the characters in that account are automatically assigned the same nation.

*A maximum of 2 nations can be in an alliance.

*Only the Lord Marshal of a nation can form alliances with another nation.

*To see which nation you are allied with, hit 'N' in-game to see Nation related information.

*You can teleport from your nation to an ally nation by using the Alliance Nation Teleporter in Regenshien.

*In order to move to a non-allied nation, you need to go to North of Regenshien into Verband, then take the path to North of Verband into Amarkand, then take the path to South West of Amarkand into Rhawn Crossroads. In the middle of the Rhawn Crossroads <The Rift> you will find a dimension stone which can teleport you to any nation.

*A player can move from one nation to another only in the PvP Channel

*In order to join a guild a player needs to be a member of a nation.

*It is sufficient if even one of the other characters in the account is in a nation.

*It takes 6 members who are members of the same nation and 50,000 Gold to create a guild.

*The guild master can form alliances with a maximum of 3 other guilds.

*Guilds can take part in Castle Sieges every week for the control of that nation.

*Lord Marshal guild is the leader of the alliance which wins the Castle Siege any particular week.

*Archon guilds are the other guilds in the alliance which wins the Castle Siege any particular week.

*The members of LM guild do not suffer penalties for PKing fellow nationals.

*Members of the LM guild suffers penalty for PKing allied nation members.

PvP and PK
*A player can enter PK mode once he touches lvl 10.

*You DO NOT need to turn PK on to attack/kill enemy nationals.

*If you PK you own nation members, you gain infamy which can result in drop in Pran devotion, lower exp rates, equipment durability drop and such.

*You gain Honour Points for killing enemy nationals.

*Honour points can be exchanged for Honour Gear <lvl 40 and 50 sets> and/or Higher rank potions.

*You recieve medal of honours for every enemy you kill. Medals can be returned to an NPC in Regen in return for Exp.

*Once you kill an enemy national, for a set period from then you cannot gain honour from killing him again. This is to prevent people from camping others for honour.

*There are two channels - PvP and non PvP.

*The main difference between the two is that in PvP - you can get attacked by an enemy national. In non-PvP this cannot happen.

*Remember, that a member of you nation can attack you in both PvP and non-PvP channel.

Relics and Temples
*Each nation has 4 temples. One each in - Amarkand, Tabazra, Algon and Kynari.

*Relics are objects which when placed in a temple bless the entire nation with specific buffs.

*Buffs are like - 10% extra exp, 10% extra HP/MP, 10% atk/matk to enemy nationals, 10% def/mdef, 10% lesser cooldown, 3% increase drop rate and so on.

*Each of temples can hold upto 5 relics.

*Temples are guarded by NPC Guards and Gurdian Stones.

*A nation can steal a relic by attacking the temple and destroying the guardian stones.

*Once a Relic is stolen, the news is broadcasted to the entire nation. So, don't ignore this message.

*Killing the relic holder drops the relic which can be picked up again by anyone.

Gear Upgrades and Mods
*There are mainly four forms of gear modification - Enchanting, Reinforcing, Level Down and Transfer

*Enchanting - Lets you add certain extra atributes to you weapon/armor like - +HP, +Atk, -Dmg, +Skill Dmg, +SP and so on.

*Enchanting can be done at the Enchanter in the City.

*Enchanting requires special stones.

*Raw Auralar, Auralar and Pure Auralar give random enchantments on a successful enchant.

*Stones like- Lesser Stone of X and Greater Stone of Y give the attributes specific to that stone like Mov Speed, Crit, Dmg and so on.

*Reinforcing - Is upgrading a weapon/armor. (the +1,+2,+3 numbers you see in a gear)

*Reinforcment can be done at the Alchemist Isaac in Regen.

*Reinforcing - Requires Rubicine <for Armor> and Pellurite <for Weapon>

*The rank of Rubicine/Pellurite required depends on the rank of the weapon. <For example for Rank F weapon can only be reinforced by Rank F Pellurite>

*Reinforcing an equipment increases it current stats - Atk for Weapons and Def for Armor.

*Weapons upgraded to +4 and above start glowing. The color and intensity of the glow increases with each upgrade after +4.

*Armors upgraded to +4 and above start adding bonus HP/MP. The amount of HP/MP increases with each upgrade after +4.

*Failed reinforcements can result in reduction in current reinforcement levels or even breaking of the item.

*Reinforce to +1, +2, +3 (and +4 for superior items) never fails.

*Level down - Lets you reduce the level requirement for a certain weapon/armor.

*This lets you equip a higher level weapon at lower levels.

*This can be done at the Blacksmith in Regenshien.

*Leveling down does not require any special item. Just requires your item and gold.

*A failure while doing level down could result in the level going higher than current level.

*Transfer - Lets you transfer the stats of one equip to another.

*Transfer requires a special stone called Athlon.

*Transfer can be done at the Blacksmith in Regen.

*Transfer is generally done when a player wants to hide his actual level by transferring stats from a higher level gear to lower gear.
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General Newbie Guide
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